Detailing Part 1: Get Ready for a New Season

Winter is over (at least according to the calendar), so it’s time to get your car ready for the upcoming season.  With the warmer weather, you’ll probably enjoy being outdoors driving more, and you most likely will want to up your maintenance.  It’s much easier once the temps rise, because you’re not fighting the freezing weather whenever you contemplate running through a car wash, and soon it will be warm enough to take on most of your car cleaning in your own driveway, if that’s what you prefer. Having a great-looking vehicle means a lot more than just washing it occasionally.  In fact, washing it is just one aspect of its upkeep.  Most car care experts prefer to call it “detailing,” because proper care of your car or truck involves attention to the many details beyond the sponge, soap bucket, and garden hose. If you’re new to the concept of detailing, here’s a great short article on how to prepare to do it yourself.  Sure, there are outfits out there that do it professionally, but if you enjoy the satisfaction that comes from taking care of your own vehicle, learning how to properly detail will go a long way.   Contact SkipChips today. Not in the Minneapolis metro area?  Schedule SkipChips to come to you.