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SkipChips uses 3M Paint Protection Film Exclusively

Paint Chip Protection with Xpel and 3M Paint Protection film.

One of the best things you can do to protect the exterior finish of your automobile is to have paint protection film (also known as clear bra) professionally installed on your car. Paint protection film keeps your car’s finish in a like-new condition, protecting it from chips and scratches from everything from road debris to bug splats. Years ago the only paint protection available was either removable auto bras or detachable bug guards, both an unsightly solution to the problem. But now there is a more effective, virtually invisible, permanent alternative.

What Is Paint Protection Film ?

The paint protection film (stone guard, chip guard, etc.) used by SkipChips technicians is an invisible film custom cut using computer software to produce protection that is custom cut to the exact specifications of your particular vehicle. SkipChips uses Xpel Ultimate and 3M premium paint protection film. These products have three layers. The base is a special clear adhesive designed to adhere to your car’s paint without marring its finish. If needed, it can be removed without causing damage. The second layer is clear polyurethane film. The final outer layer is a clear protective coating, which helps maintain your car’s glossy paint finish. In the case of Xpel Ultimate this clear protective coating has self healing properties.

Why Use Xpel Ultimate or 3M Premium Paint Protection Film ?

Xpel and 3M were pioneers in developing paint protection films. There are many imitators out there, but we believe there are no better products available today. 3M, an acknowledged leader in the aftermarket automotive products industry, developed the underlying technology to protect helicopter blades from blowing desert sands. It was later modified for applications for the space program as well as converted to provide protection for NASCAR vehicles. This product was eventually modified and introduced to the consumer market. You can have the same protection on your commuter vehicle as those drivers whose expensive cars travel over 200 mph.

SkipChips has developed a strong working relationship with both Xpel's and 3M's automotive products department, and we are a national training center for paint protection film installation. We were also the first 3M business development center for this product. Our technicians are all certified by Xpel and 3M for paint protection film installation, and we continue to work closely with them on developing and refining tools and techniques for auto protection, inside and out.

We use Xpel Ultimate and 3M premium paint protection film, we’re able to purchase in large volume, which allows us to offer it to you at the best price available.

Custom Coverage, Quality Workmanship

Vehicle configurations vary, and so do the protection levels desired by their owners. Each of our paint protection film installation’s is a custom job, though the basic steps remain the same. You choose the level of protection you want, and we’ll give your vehicle meticulous attention to detail, all the way from the initial prep cleaning to the final polishing. We’re incredibly systematic in our process, and we are able to deliver superb consistency from vehicle to vehicle.

Contact SkipChips today to see just how beautiful protection for your car’s paint finish can be. We’re proud to be an Xpel Ultimate and 3M premium paint protection film dealer for the Minneapolis area.

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