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SkipChips uses 3M Paint Protection Film Exclusively

Keep your car's finish in like-new condition for years using Xpel Ultimate or 3M premium paint protection film

Paint Protection Film Minneapolis MN

Every new-car owner goes through it – wondering when the first chip or ding is going to mar that beautiful new finish. The culprits are all around – small rocks thrown up by the vehicles in front of you, wind-blown sand and small sticks, tree sap, adjacent car doors in parking lots – you name it, threats to your car’s finish are everywhere. But with car paint protection film from SkipChips, you’ve got a strong defense.

Why Skip Chips? Protection Prevention

Fortunately SkipChips has the solution using Xpel Ultimate or 3M Premium paint protection film to keeping your car’s finish in like-new condition for years to come.

SkipChips is a national training center for Xpel and 3M paint protection film installation. We’re also experienced Xpel and 3M certified installers, you can be sure your vehicle will receive the ultimate in professional attention.

No matter how new (or old) your car is and no matter what precautions you take, if your car’s exterior finish doesn’t have an additional layer of paint chip protection (also known as a “clear bra”), you probably already have chips. In addition to degrading your vehicles appearance, even the smallest chips eventually give way to rust spots, which over time will erode through the metal itself. And if that isn’t bad enough, without paint protection, road salt and sand will eat away at your car’s finish. Combine that with a hail-prone climate, and that showroom beauty isn’t going to last long.

Turn Back the Hands of Time with Finish Repairs from SkipChips, the Minneapolis Area’s Certified Xpel Ultimate and 3M Premium Paint Protection Film Installers

If your car isn’t new and you already have chips, we can help restore your car’s paint with specially-designed products and installation techniques that can replicate the original finish appearance. We use tools specially engineered by 3M for paint repairs to specific areas. We color match the paint, and then we use an exclusive process to layer on clear coat and then finally polish the area so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of the car’s finish. This multi-step process insures that the damaged area blends in.

Protect Your Car’s Windshield and Its Interior as Well

We realize that preserving a car’s paint finish isn’t the only thing necessary to keeping it looking new. That’s why we also offer Diamon-Fusion® windshield treatment. This patented process fills in microscopic peaks and valleys in the windshield glass which make it more susceptible to chipping and cracking as well as causing light distortion, glare, and dirt build-up. And our complete line of 3M Scotchgard products (specifically tailored to your particular vehicle) can help protect fabric, leather, or vinyl upholstery as well as carpeting from stains and fading as well as making clean-up a lot easier.

Professional Installation or Do-It-Yourself – It’s Your Choice

SkipChip’s experienced professional installers work with specially-developed tools, products, and installation techniques to produce the best car paint protection system on the market today. But we know that some car owners prefer to do much of their car’s maintenance and protection themselves. Contact us for assistance regarding your personal DIY project.

The Paint Protection Film Developed for Nascar is Now Available for Automobile Owners - Sometimes called Clear Bra, Clear Shield or Clearshield

The 3M protective film used by SkipChips was developed for use on Nascar vehicles, but is now available for the consumer market. You can now protect your car with the same product used by professional drivers. Our large-volume purchasing of 3M car film and other 3M Scotchgard products allows us to offer it to you at a very competitive price. We’ve got a variety of 3M Scotchgard paint protection products like 3M clear bra, Scotchgard Interior, Scotchgard Exterior and other products to help you keep your car in like-new condition.

If you want to keep your new car in showroom quality—or you want to restore your vehicle to its former beauty, contact SkipChips today.

We can recommend Xpel or 3M paint protection film and other protective car products that are right for your car, your budget, and your driving lifestyle.

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